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Trusted New Home Construction Contractor and Renovation Experts

Bayloch Homes has successfully completed home renovations in Calgary on many levels of residential construction. But successful new Calargy home builds and renovations aren’t all about the house. They’re also about relationships. For nearly a decade, BayLoch Homes has taken great pride in building strong relationships while building and renovating resilient new homes.

A big part of determining fit? Trust. You want a residential home construction contractor and renovator you can trust. You can trust a custom home builder in Calgary who stands by their work. Better yet, someone who lives in their work. In addition to countless community members, we’ve also renovated our parents’ and our own homes. We apply the same attention to detail and functionality for every project, regardless of whether you’re family, neighbours, or if we just met.

Our attention to detail makes for good daily and long-term living. But how does a contractor understand what good living is when everyone’s unique? The best residential home construction contractors and renovation contractors take the time to get to know you. BayLoch gets to know homeowners through a two-way initial consultation when determining if we’re a good, win-win fit for each other. This interview covers a full needs analysis, addressing everything a homeowner requires. You have unique personal needs and goals. From varying tastes in aesthetics to different daily routines and long-term needs, no two homes should be the exact same. With BayLoch, you get a home built or renovated to your exact specifications paired with our expert guidance to grant you optimal value and comfort.

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Capabilities of a Large Corporation—Heart of a Family-Owned and Operated Business

Family is everything to us. We’ve always been there for each other, helping, supporting, and standing up for each other when we identified injustices. That’s a big part of why our company was incorporated back in 2011. We saw the headaches and even heartaches good people were suffering from awful contractor experiences. Mad. Angry. Sad. We committed ourselves to righting serious wrongs.

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Built Like You’re Family

Attention to Detail is Second Nature

Attention to detail is second nature from all the family’s years of learning directly on the job as well as ongoing research into construction and renovation optimization methods. Every project builds on the rock-solid foundation of their knowledge and experience base. Brendan and James have touched every aspect of complete high-end home builds and major renovations. Knowing everything that’s required for a residential build or renovation, the McIndoe brothers exercise premium quality control throughout all construction and operational aspects of every project.

You can count on a seamless, equitable, and efficient contractor experience. The McIndoes know how to support homeowners throughout the entire project and beyond, delighting them with a simplified and transparent process.

From design to execution to follow-up, the McIndoe family will renovate and build to your exact needs. And they’ll build it like you’re family.

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Meet Your New Neighbours

Our family has been working hard on construction projects for 20 years, long before we were incorporated.

BayLoch Homes is family-owned and operated by brothers CEO James T. McIndoe and CFO Brendan McIndoe. Both were born with hammers in their hands and the genuine mission to help people enjoy quality living. They’ve each developed unique specialties over the years. This means homeowners get to enjoy the diversification of a larger home construction company, but with the personal care and attention to quality and detail that only an organization of their size can deliver.

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James McIndoe

Managing Director

You can count on James’ over 20 years of construction experience to deliver according to your exact specifications. James loves the challenge of reinvigorating homes through comprehensive renovations. And he sees new-home builds as an opportunity to exercise his creativity in design and execute on his comprehensive construction skills. Organized and efficient, James builds with an emphasis on functionality and cost reduction.
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Brendan McIndoe

Managing Director

From starting as a general labourer to earning his postgraduate degree from the University of Westminster, London England, Brendan has all your details covered. Whether it’s Calgary basement renovations or a new multimillion dollar home, you can take advantage of Brendan’s deep, hands-on understanding of all on-site and off-site elements, including contracts, budgetary regulations, performance management, and cost-reduction experience. It’s always a smooth, enjoyable process when Brendan’s involved.
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Brendan and James’ dad Jim McIndoe supports his sons as Director of Bayloch Homes. Jim’s over 40 years of business expertise as a high-level oil and gas executive has proven to be a valuable asset for the company.