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Calgary Region BILD Award Winner for Best Kitchen Renovation $56,000 - $99,000

The Bayloch Bros, Brendan and James, have once again applied their Midas touch and won yet another Calgary Region Building Industry Land Development (BILD) Award! This time, they put forth a stellar effort to secure the win in one of BILD’s most competitive award categories – Best Kitchen Renovation $56,000 – $99,000.

Breathing Beautiful New Life into a Bungalow

Calgary BILD Award - Best Kitchen RenovationNo matter the state of the home, regardless of how old or outdated, the Bayloch Bros appreciate every inch of original design and every ounce of effort that has gone into existing architecture. Where some might see only an old house too far gone to justify putting more work into it, the Bayloch Bros magically perceive a blank canvas. They love a great challenge.

For this project, the challenge beset upon them by the homeowners was to breath fresh, new life into their lovely bungalow built in 1968 in the community of Varsity, NW Calgary. With the beauty of this decades-old bungalow came the added challenge of a flat roof, which carries tricky structural and insulation issues. But the Bayloch Bros go to great lengths for every client. They knew how important modernization was to the client, with the new homeowners wanting to stay in the home long-term, capitalizing on the opportunity to cost-effectively upgrade their home and get the most from the good price they got for an older home. Bayloch is committed to exponentially increasing functionality, aesthetics, and enduring value.

Updating the Heart of the Home

Small or big, experienced chef or amateur soup warmer, the kitchen is a primary hub, where everyone comes together to cook, chat, catch up, and socialize – the heart of the home. With this room being so important to the homeowners, for their love of all that happens in the kitchen, and for the expert consulting and guidance from the Bayloch Bros, the kitchen fast became one of the main targets for renovation.

Of course, even the most experienced Calgary homebuilders and renovators will encounter surprises amidst even the best-laid plans. Unforeseeable structural deficiencies came to light as demolition progressed, requiring a larger scope of work than anticipated. Not only that, but consecutive days of heavy rain added more surprises, with the rain penetrating the roof down into the house. Once again, the Bayloch Bros exercised exceptional agility and comprehensive impromptu planning, design, and additional resource allocation.

In the process of removing the entire main-floor ceiling, in addition to exposing the leak, Bayloch discovered and fixed major structural deficiencies, including a roof that was virtually guaranteed to collapse if left as it was. You won’t hear the Bayloch Bros say, “That’s out of scope for this project.” But you will hear them say, “We can fix this. Let’s make sure you and your family are safe.”

Open-Concept Design Done to Perfection

After the Bayloch Bros made sure the homeowners’ roof wasn’t an “open concept,” they quickly got busy developing an open-concept floor in the heart of the home. To do this, they designed a fully open kitchen concept by installing a 40-foot, 4-ply, 20-inch laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beam, which weighed nearly 1 tonne to ensure proper structural integrity for many, many years to come. While they never cut corners in terms of safety and quality, Bayloch does strive to cut costs for homeowners. In this case, some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease was how they cut costs, using their dedicated crew and two hydraulic lifts to bring the beam in through the front of the house to successfully install this beast of a beam in just 4 hours.

Further emphasizing the open concept, Bayloch also added a beautiful walk-in pantry with a curved archway. Another highlight was a recessed 48-inch stove with a full-slab granite backsplash, making even the most basic pot of noodles feel like a creation straight out of Le Cordon Bleu.

And while some disdain having to put dishes away, even after the 5-star Michelin experience of cooking with a beautiful new stove, these homeowners love dish time with the beautiful two-tone cabinetry design done by Bayloch.

Bayloch also built and machined a custom Aspen, clear coat, privacy screen to break up the front-door entranceway to the kitchen to round out a truly exceptional kitchen experience.

Feeling the grain of the wood, the twist of every screw, every inch of design accounted for in execution, seeing the completed project – all things that put a sparkle in the eyes of the Bayloch Bros. Knowing the homeowners will enjoy the ultimate in innovative functionality combined with the finest quality and aesthetics for many, many years to come. Priceless!

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