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BILD Calgary Best Home Renovation with an Addition Award Winner!!

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Calgary Custom Homes | Bayloch HomesHonored. The Bayloch Bros are absolutely honored to receive the Building Industry Land Development (BILD) Calgary Award for Best Home Renovation with an Addition! The award is for all of Calgary and surrounding areas, and is one of the highest honors that can be given to any builder in Southern Alberta.

With BILD’s roots going all the way back to 1921 and with over 1,500 members, they are a leading go-to resource for government, stakeholders, members, builders, and renovators across the industry. And with the finest of the finest competing in this year’s prestigious awards, we couldn’t be prouder of our team. And we’re eternally grateful to our clients who gave us the opportunity to apply our trade, trusted in our expert guidance, and worked right alongside us for open, honest, and free-flowing collaboration.

The only spotlight we strive for is the shine of our happy homeowners’ smiles. But we were in the actual spotlight when CTV Calgary interviewed us! Click here to watch our interview.

We were thrilled to have been nominated a finalist for not one, but three different categories in BILD Calgary’s awards.

  • BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Best Kitchen Renovation — $70,000 – $119,999
  • BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Best Home Renovation with Addition
  • BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Best Home Exterior Renovation with or without Addition

A tip of the hat from Canada’s voice of the construction industry was enough for us. We feel utterly blessed to have actually won. Truth be told though, we win every time. It’s a huge victory every time our clients—our neighbours—fall in love all over again with decades old homes, gain easy access to more storage space than they knew was possible, breathe a sigh of relief when they see the fruits of ultra-efficient features (e.g. special spray foam insulation, triple-pane windows, high-end energy-efficient appliances), enjoy more beautifully functional space with their friends and families, and so much more.

Award-Winning Bayview Bliss

It’s an existing structure, surely you’re limited in what you can do, right? There’s only so much that can be changed with a renovation. A misconception we’ve delighted in proving wrong time and time again. Our award-winning Bayview Bliss is proof that even old, existing homes can be converted to blank canvases and then transformed into highly functional works of art.

Bayloch Bros know what works and what doesn’t, what suits some areas and not others, and how to exponentially enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any home. Bayview Bliss demonstrates our ability to combine the finest in aesthetics and functionality to bring out the best in the existing structure and create brand new value on a whole new level. Knowing the home would be sold post-renovation, Bayloch Bros therefore wanted to enhance the home’s appeal to families for optimal resale value. We leveraged our industry relationships and professional experience to confirm the increase in volume of families looking for larger homes in that particular area of Calgary. We knew additional living space should be the priority.

Bayview Bliss added 845 square feet above grade across four new additions! To make that possible, we needed to adjust the home’s actual structure. Once we did that, we had tremendous fun with our new blank canvas, opening up the main floor to incorporate the kitchen, dining, and living room, while also reconfiguring four bedrooms, three bathrooms, laundry room, and bonus room. Now, you’d never know the last time the home was updated was over 50 years ago.

And while renovations are all about change, there are some things you don’t ever want to change, like breathtaking views of the gorgeous Glenmore Reservoir. That’s why we made sure elements of our renovation accentuated and facilitated unobstructed views of the reservoir. We apply our deep expertise and years of experience to help homeowners get the most from their home and surrounding property.

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It’s an older home. Surely you can’t sell it for as much as a new home, right? Right. We help our clients sell for MORE than new homes. We’re thrilled to help homeowners achieve top value. We can help if you’re looking to stay in your home as long as possible by adding premium functionality that serves your changing needs. And we’d be delighted to assist you if you’re looking to proactively increase the value of your home in order to sell at top dollar. In fact, thanks to our heroic team-effort renovation, Bayview Bliss sold within 24 hours. Not only was it barely on the market, it also sold at a record-setting price. Bayloch Bros homes don’t stay on the market long—don’t wait to act.

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Here’s to your beautifully functional living!