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Bayloch Bros Build their way to another BILD Calgary Award Nomination

They did it again, and again, and…consistently receiving award finalist nominations from Canada’s premier building associations. This time, Bayloch Homes has been nominated as a finalist in three categories by Building Industry Land Development (BILD) Calgary. And this comes after recently having been nominated a finalist for two categories in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) National Awards for Building Excellence as part of their 2020 Renovation Awards.

As epic as it is being nominated a finalist by the industry’s leading associations, amidst hundreds of the finest builders and renovators on a big stage, the Bayloch Bros don’t seek the spotlight for themselves. Their genuine mission is to build and renovate homes that make Calgary homeowners, their neighbours, feel like they’re living in the spotlight every day. Premier aesthetics that make you love where you live paired with the ultimate functionality that serves your needs today and grows with you tomorrow. That’s the dream-living spotlight the Bayloch Bros are dedicated to delivering in every interior and exterior design and structure consultation, inch measured, nail hammered, and detail meticulously executed to ensure homeowner needs are met and expectations exceeded.

BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Modern Country Kitchen Best Kitchen Renovation — $70,000 - $119,999

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re out basking in the fresh and liberating country sunshine while simultaneously feeling like you’re in a comfortable and approachable art museum while frying up some eggs or cooking dinner? That’s what the Bayloch Bros achieved with their Modern Country Kitchen. That’s what earned them a BILD Calgary finalist nomination for Best Kitchen Renovation — $70,000 – $119,999.

This Modern Country Kitchen canvases a breathtaking 1,000 square feet. All too often, when that kind of rectangular square footage is left to builders without imagination or those just trying to drive some nails and move on to the next project as quickly as possible, the space ends up being more akin to a classless bowling alley than one of the primary heart chambers of the home. The Bayloch Bros immediately knew they needed to make significant changes to make this kitchen as warm and inviting as possible. They completely transformed this space through a comprehensive approach, including creative additions that clearly defined spaces and hand-picked materials selected for comfort, style, and durability.

All these components were carefully and consciously planned and executed to create an enduring, pervasive feeling—the kind of feeling where the homeowners have already reported having trouble leaving their kitchen to go to work or bed.

And while it looks almost too gorgeous to touch, everything the Bayloch Bros build and renovate stands up to even the most rigorous daily use. They also employ materials and construction that can take a beating, but do everything in their power to make sure your utility bills and our precious natural resources don’t take a beating. Special spray foam insulation, triple-pane windows, and high-end energy-efficient MieleKit appliances all contribute to major, sustainable increases in energy efficiency.

BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Bayview Bliss Best Home Renovation with Addition

Need more space? Want to enhance the functionality of your home? Looking to achieve a whole new living area in your existing home? The Bayloch Bros have you covered. And it’s their aptitude for adapting any existing structure to a homeowner’s evolving needs that helped them achieve their finalist nomination for Best Home Renovation with Addition for their Bayview Bliss property.

50 years. That’s what the Bayloch Bros were up against. That’s how long it had been since this property had been renovated or updated. Where many renovators might have headed for the hills, the Bayloch Bros licked their chops and dove in…not before conducting a comprehensive consultation with the homeowners, of course.

The goal of this project was to create additional living space, capture the picturesque views, and increase home efficiency. This was every inch a full-home renovation, borderline a new build with the four separate additions designed from scratch and 845 square feet added above grade. Structurally adjusting this home, they opened up the main floor to incorporate the kitchen, dining, and living room, while also reconfiguring four bedrooms, three bathrooms, laundry room, and bonus room. They seamlessly altered the entire layout of this home in the face of all the challenges that come with updating, replacing, and renovating a home built over 50 years ago.

The Bayloch Bros achieved an ethereal, yet palpable bliss via a variety of elements, including a strong emphasis on capturing the unobstructed views of the Glenmore Reservoir. They miraculously managed to marry open and expansive views and spacious living areas with highly functional, yet cozy spaces. And despite being such a comprehensive renovation of an older home, the Bayloch Bros still wanted to preserve elements of its history. They wanted to enable the next family living there to live well over another 50 years of bliss by seamlessly blending the past with the present through architectural design and engineering. Their dedication, passion, and genuine care that went into every inch of the property allowed it to sell within 24 hours at a record-setting price. If you hear about a Bayloch home on the market, don’t wait.

BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Timeless Elegance Best Home Exterior Renovation with or without Addition

If you’re not renting your home, then you want most components of your home to be long-term. Better yet, timeless. That’s what the Bayloch Bros achieved with their Timeless Elegance property, garnering them a finalist nomination for BILD’s Best Home Exterior Renovation with or without Addition. The Bayloch Bros approach each home with a custom plan, designing every element according to the homeowner’s, buyer’s, or seller’s needs. In this case, the property was designed specifically for an active and growing family.

Anyone with children or frequent guests is quite familiar with the perpetual motion throughout their home. But there’s beauty and love in every bit of that motion. That’s why the Bayloch Bros set out to nurture and guide that motion to optimize daily living, paying special attention to how the home should flow. Allowing them to exponentially enhance flow and the layout of the home was the addition of 845 square feet, while also renovating over 5,100 square feet, including replacing 95% of the roof. The Bayloch Bros have also helped the happy homeowners enjoy the best of two worlds—sharing their home with guests via enlarged and optimized key spaces for hosting and get-togethers—and greatly enhancing privacy throughout the interior and exterior.

Furthermore, Bayloch Bros is all about exponentially increasing the value of every home. They had the yard fully landscaped with beautiful architectural elements, including a stunning front entryway and covered veranda for curb appeal virtually guaranteed to increase value. They even kept the original stone from the main floor fireplace to honour the historical origins of the house, working it into the backyard as a segue to the surrounding, natural majestic landscape.

BILD Calgary Award Finalist Nomination for Timeless Elegance Best Home Exterior Renovation with or without Addition

From learning what each and every homeowner, buyer, and seller needs and wants today to designing, building, and renovating to anticipate future needs, Bayloch Bros consistently delivers custom, honest quality you can rely on.

Since everyone has their own definition and standard regarding what daily use means to them, the Bayloch Bros conduct an extensive needs analysis at the beginning of each project. They get to know each homeowner and their personalities, understanding what they desire, and guiding them toward the style and functionality they’ll love now and will continue growing with them long into the future.

Contact the Bayloch Bros today if you want to know what it feels like to live in an award-worthy home.


Here’s to your beautifully functional living!