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Joining the RenoMark community has allowed BayLoch Home builders to foster a client base that revolves around trust and transparency. Successful renovations aren’t all about the house. They’re also about relationships. Bayloch Homes has successfully completed renovations on many levels of residential construction. For nearly a decade, Bayloch Homes takes great pride in forming these relationships as well as building and renovating beautiful homes.

How do you know which renovation contractors to trust?

How do homeowners discover those win-win situations and get to that point of enjoying a beautiful renovation as well as significant equity gains? For too many hardworking folks, the most difficult part about their renovation project isn’t financing their project or planning how they’ll resituate their living during the renovation process. The hardest part is often selecting their renovation contractor. Your home is often your largest asset. So, it’s understandably challenging to find someone to whom you can entrust your home.

Reviews can be helpful. But they can also drive you crazy. One review might leave glowing comments while the next reviewer might tell a horror story about the same contractor. Consistent integrity is key.

Referrals from neighbours can be a valuable resource. But even if neighbours have the same exact model home, they still have unique personal needs. From varying tastes in aesthetics to different daily routines and long-term needs, no two homes should be the exact same. Therefore, unless the homeowner’s goal is to pay the absolute cheapest price for their renovation they would have to be comfortable sacrificing quality and customization.

So, if you can’t completely rely on reviews and neighbour referrals, how do you know whom to trust? The Toronto-based Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD)
established the RenoMark program in 2001 to help protect homeowners, allowing them to renovate with confidence. RenoMark is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and local Home Builders’ Associations across Canada. You know you can trust a contractor if they’ve been granted the Renovators Mark of Excellence. It’s proof they abide by a renovation- specific code of conduct and have gone through a comprehensive vetting process. When you select a RenoMark contractor, a comforting feeling of trust is guaranteed.

Renovations Focused on Functionality

Our superior level of service and genuine care for our clients helped us earn RenoMark’s Renovators Mark of Excellence. Our track record of excellence started back before we formed our company in 2011. We saw the headaches and even heartaches good people were suffering from awful contractor experiences. Mad. Angry. Sad. We committed ourselves to right serious wrongs.

From the very start, we’ve been committed to comprehensive quality—the highest quality in workmanship that grants the highest quality of living. What’s the good in good looks if it doesn’t make for good daily living? But how does a contractor understand what good living is? The best renovation contractors take the time to get to know you. Bayloch gets to know homeowners through a two-way initial interview when determining if we’re a good, win-win fit for each other. This interview covers a full needs analysis, addressing everything a homeowner requires. Then we spend extra time on the fun stuff, the wish list! Those are the little extra items or conveniences, homeowners really desire. We enjoy working diligently to incorporate as many “wish list” items as possible.

That’s where functionality comes in. While we go through great lengths to exponentially increase your interior aesthetics and curb appeal, functionality is our top goal. And while we do new builds, renovations have a special place in our hearts. We absolutely love helping homeowners stay in their beloved homes, the place where they’ve created years of cherished memories, enabling them to continue creating many more years of joyful memories. That’s one of the reasons why we have so many gracefully aging adult clients. Our renovations meet their accessibility needs. Not only do they enjoy significant equity gains, they also save a significant amount of money by not having to buy a more accessible home, move into a retirement complex, or pay for assisted living. In fact, in renovating our parents’ house back in 2003, we built one of the first residential elevators in their community. (We all teared up a bit when our parents got into the elevator and went down to the basement for the first time, in a long time.) Nothing matters if it isn’t functional.

Transparency in Pricing, Materials, and Processes

In addition to communicating about your functionality needs, we warmly welcome you into our entire process—from ongoing meetings and touchpoints to being available with a single phone call to showing you a complete inventory of all the renovation materials. Even after the job is done, we love staying in contact with homeowners and hearing how we helped them love living in their home again—like living in a new home that comes prepackaged with a lifetime of wonderful memories. No secrets. Full transparency.

While you can trust RenoMark to help you find an exceptional contractor, we also advise you use your instincts. Call a contractor. Have a conversation. Pay attention to how much they listen and ask questions. Of course, a renovator should be able to make expert recommendations. But they should do so as a helpful, caring, and attentive guide. Listening to your needs, not telling you what you need.

Call us to have a conversation about how we can make your dream home a reality. Here’s to extending the life of your home and many more years of happy, functional memories.