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From Brother To Brother

I was eight years old the first time I played a pickup game of baseball with my brother, James.

For years, I’d go and watch his games. It seemed like each game he’d hit a home run that went further than the last one. And no matter how hard he hit that ball, he’d sprint to first base.

You see, that’s just the kind of guy that James is. He knows there are no sure things, even when he knew he’d hit the ball into the next province. James is also loyal, and puts his family first.I remember that first pickup game. I remember the hat that James gave me on the way to the diamond with that big red and black “FC” embroidered on the front. I remember the way it kept falling over my eyes, so James told me to wear it backwards, like the cool kids do.

I also remember the sense of pride (and shock) when my brother, the best player on the field, chose me first when teams were picked. I remember trying to keep calm, and doing a pretty good job of it. James remembers it differently. He tells people I hadn’t stopped smiling by the fourth inning.

What I don’t remember is if we won, lost or even finished the game as some kids got called home for dinner. But I’ll always remember the walk home, talking about every at bat, every hit, every out.

Bayloch Homes is our team now. Those lessons we learned as kids on the ball diamond, analyzing each swing and throw, have translated into an attention to detail and ability to attack our goals in a strategic and tireless way. We’ve been working together for years, and if you check the stat sheet, I think our batting average will surprise you.We work with our customers, and really listen to what they want. Building a custom home is a lot like baseball; when everything is put in the right place, and everyone knows what they’re doing, the results in the end are a work of art.Today, our playing days are behind us. Sure, we have our rec league on Tuesday nights, but we’re taking the mound in a whole new ballgame. James and I are grown up now. He has a family of his own, and I recently got married – with the best brother and teammate I’ve ever known standing next to me as my best man.

Since we were kids we’ve been finding ways to solve problems, do our part to control outcomes and when the right moment comes, swing for the fences. James and I will always do what’s right for our customers.

— Brendan McIndoe, CFO